Reiki is healing, loving energy that is channeled through the practitioner to the receiver to support the body and mind in balance, restoration, and health. A Reiki session is dedicated time and space for you and your healing. Sit back, relax, and receive  loving energy.


60 Minute Reiki Session

Send Reiki to a Loved One

60 Minutes will give us time to establish goals, to channel Reiki, and to discuss what was felt and discovered while channeling energy. You will have plenty of time to sit back, close your eyes, and relax. If it feels right you, we will establish some affirmations and intentions to serve you moving forward. 

This space is for you and your healing and growth. 

*At the moment, all Reiki sessions are offered remotely.

$97 (Discounted price through end of June)

Coming Soon!


3 Months of Energy Work + Coaching

Let's spend time stepping into healing, growth, and deep, soul-nourishing self-understanding.

Are you ready to dedicate more time to your health and well-being? Are you ready to feel free and empowered?Are you ready to support all aspects of you and your life?

Energy work and coaching are beautiful and powerful tools to support you in your transformation and your life.

You deserve time and space for healing and self-exploration